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As a Natural food chef, I teach a variety of cooking courses to suit your needs. It's your choice if you want to learn to cook vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, raw, macrobiotics or just healthier than usual. We can cook together as a group or in private course, either in my house or in yours. If you want to organise with your friends and make it a real fun event, that's great, I'm always happy to meet a group of healthy enthusiastic. Those are just some ideas of themes you can choose from but you can also check my recipe index for more.

My cooking courses

Cooking without animal products

The course will be introduced with ways to replace animal protein by protein-packed vegetarian options. We will then cook a complete meal, that will include: a soup and 5 other elements; whole grain , beans, fermented vegetables, seaweed salad and cooked (or roasted) vegetables.

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Eat Raw​

The course will be introduced with ways to make yourself more energized and improve your immune system by eating raw food. We will talk about some of the super foods, learn how to sprout nuts, seeds or grains and prepare a few options of green smoothies and a meal composed of raw food preparations.


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Cooking without dairy or gluten

This course will be introduced with the importance to reduce or eliminate the consumption of dairy and gluten from your diet in order to reduce inflamation and acidity. Menu suggestion: dairy free milk, gluten free savoury tart with a vegetable creamy sauce, salad with pesto sauce and sweet cake as desert.

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Energizing breakfast​

This course will be introduced with the importance we should give to our breakfast. We will see ways to have a nourishing breakfast without spending much time cooking  in the morning. Menu suggestion: whole cereal porridge, pancakes, chia pudding, vegetable yogurt and many more  breakfast ideas.


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Batch cooking

The course will be introduced with ways to maximize your time in the kitchen and shopping. I will help you plan the menu for the week and we can prepare bigger quantitiy of food that will allow you some free time on the rest of the week. Menu suggestion: whole grains, beans, root vegetables, croquettes, salad, dips and dressings.

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Kids lunch box​

This course was created with the help of nutritionists working with kids in schools and at a private practice. It will help you to make your kids lunch box, organize meals for a pic nic or for traveling. Menu suggestion: mini vegetarian hamburguer or falafel, savory muffins and quinoa (or other cereal) salad with dressing and cereal surprise balls


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