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Happy stories


I met Mitia after unsuccessfully trying to conceive with the help of medical interventions and treatments.Mitia helped me to embrace healthier eating routines & principles on a daily basis and after few weeks, I started to feel a significant change - I was much more energized, motivated, positive and calm. And after 6 months, a positive mark appeared on the pregnancy test stick :-)Mitia is a super professional coach, she is encouraging, supportive, empathetic and was always there, providing recipes and relevant materials that were personally tailored to me.I highly recommend her not only as a fertility coach but as a coach for anyone who wants to make a change in his/her life.

Efrat Ofek

Graphic designer / Geneva, Switzerland

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Mitia understood what we were trying to achieve as a family and through this we were able to change our diets by slowly introducing some of the principles she taught us. We were inspired by the meat-free dishes she made which were not only incredibly wholesome but some of the tastiest we have had. Eating this way is not only simple but very enjoyable. I would recommend Mitia as a Health Coach to anyone who is looking to improve their lifestyle through a better way of eating.

Natalie Davies

Garden designer / Jersey,  Channel Islands


When I got in touch with Mitia, I was in a bit lost, without knowing where else to go, it had already past 5 years since I had become pregnant for the first time (followed by an abortion). Since then, I couldn't get pregnant again. Mitia motivated me a lot, she helped me  to refind mental, spiritual and physical balance. I became interested in nutrition again and gradually improved my life.

Today I am 46 years old and 5 months pregnant, I am the real proof that we must not give up our dreams. For that, we need a lot of willpower and motivation. Mitia was undoubtedly essential during this time, always listening and motivating me, with nutritional recommendations and health tips that were essential in my process ”

Fabiola Wescher

Flight attendant / Paris, France

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Mitia is such an amazing and knowledgeable person who inspired me to review my bad habits and finally improve my overall health. Not only she’s a great cooker, but she has thought me both how to make delicious food from ingredients I used to think as dull, as well as to adapt the more conventional recipes into healthier ones with some smart twists. All this keeping “on board” my non vegetarian husband.Thank you, Mitia, for such a contribution to our family!

Isabela Calaza

Marketing manager / Paris, France

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Thank you so much for all the help and guidance that you provided me with and still do. With few short sessions you helped me to see my situation in a brighter light and showed me the practical ways of how I can handle it. You listen with compassion and modesty and can give very precious insights into one's situation and to bring it in a simple and approachable way. I also liked that with your knowledge and experience you can tackle so many fields in life as life style, relationships, friends, work and diet. Thank you so much for your great help and for bringing more light into my life

Alexander Gershberg

Private chef and founder of Vegan Sundays gourmet catering  /Amsterdam, Netherlands