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Nutritional consultations

As a nutritionist and holistic coach, I will develop a program to meet your needs. .

My objective is to help you achieve your goals while adopting a healthy lifestyle and exploring the alternatives available around you. Women and men at different stages of life will have access to new way of eating and lifestyle tips through a stand-alone consultation or a 6 session program. 

one-to-one or online sessions
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The program can be made to you or the entire family. The family is our foundation. It is where healthy eating habits, behaviours and preferences are learned. 

During my consultations, you will receive an eating plan, an e-book and many tips to help you achieve your health goals. 

Here are some of the things you will see change during and after the program if you follow the recommended tips;


  • Improvements in immunity.

  • Making healthier choices.

  • Weight loss.

  • Relief from pain.

  • Increased consumption of vegetarian dishes.

  • Improvements in mood, energy and behaviour (for you and your family).

  • Learn to shop and cook with quality ingredients

  • Eliminate cravings.

  • Making eating at home easy and fun. Learn how to prepare healthy and tasty food.

  • Start living a happy, harmonious and abundant life.